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TH-4 Catalyst

Series: Titanium Bimodal series






Titanium Bimodal



Product introduction:

TH-4 is Titanium Bimodal catalyst, It can be used for Borstar polymerization process to  produce resin products such as PE100 standard pipe, film grade, blow molding and injection molding grade. The resin products have good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties. And the resins is better than traditional PE in strength, stability, low contractility, and cracking resistance properties.



●Catalyst PSD is narrow and has a good morphology

●Good hydrogen sensitivity and copolymerization

It can produce a full range of products with MI of 0.02~100g/10min and density of 0.918~0.970g/cm³

●Compared with the LDPE film material, the film products have a higher tear strength, which can reduce the film thickness

● Blow molding products are light and have excellent ESCR performance, processing performance and low expansion

●Pipe products can not only ensure the strength, but also greatly reduce the pipe wall thickness and reduce the cost

●Extruded coating material has both good processing performance and mechanical properties


Resin grades and applications:

TH-4 Catalyst(图1)

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